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Herminio Ramos

Captain, Hooked Adventures

Herminio Ramos is a long-time Alaskan that has been working within the ecotourism space for over 20 years. Herminio values the simple things in life and has a love for adventure. He’s passionate about sharing his love for Alaska and the wilderness with you, the customers of Hooked Adventures. In his free time, Herminio can be found traveling, fishing, catching up with friends, and sharing life’s experiences with those he loves. Catch up with Herminio on any one of his social networks if you feel that you’d like to connect with him. He’s always willing to share a good conversation and help others.

Hooked Adventures Information

Welcome to Hooked Adventures, Southeast Alaska’s premier aquatic adventure tour operator! Since 2007, our innovative tours are regarded as some of the best Hoonah, Juneau, and Ketchikan as we provide the most breathtaking wildlife sightseeing, interesting historical narrations and world-class fishing. Our top-notch guides are enthusiastic, customer service oriented and they value safety. We are locally owned and are the originator of the “aquatic tour” adventures. Remember, we specialize in on-the-water adventure trips.

On all of our excursions, we use the best state-of-the-art equipment and have safely provided countless adventures-of-a-lifetime for our guests from all over the world. We offer the opportunity to experience the spectacular beauty of Alaska’s old growth forests, historical districts, untamed wildlife and true Alaskan fishing. We are a 100% comprehensive tour operator in southeast Alaska. Come experience Alaska the best way possible, on the water!

More About Herminio

I’ve been operating in Hoonah since 2007 and one thing I’ve noticed is the negative experience people have when they’re shoved onto a large sea-bearing vessel for a “tour”. People walked away unsatisfied, and I decided to change that. For example, Hoonah is surrounded by water, and the majority of tour operators drive people around on land! To me, this doesn’t make sense. Why not specialize in small, private, aquatic tours of Hoonah & offer the world a chance to see this wonderful place up close? To me, this made sense. While other outfits offer one crowded tour, I created Hooked Adventures to present people with five tour choices and real, raw, Alaskan adventure. That’s why we’re a different tour operator – join us!