Dive Services

Hooked Adventures provides a wide variety of professional diving services that meet your basic commercial needs. We work closely with our clients on one to one basis to develop a plan and schedule work that meets your project requirements. Need small salvage recovery, lost equipment? We maintain a 24-hour emergency response line.


  • 100+ mile radius and further as client needs
  • Search and recovery of lost items and equipment.
  • Underwater inspections and surveys
  • Recorded Still & Video Photography
  • Zinc Installation & Line Removal

From Hoonah, Alaska we maintain a 24-hour on-call response line,
1-702-673-0211, to assist clients with diving emergency needs.

We will travel to any dive sites that are available, at clients cost. Please call with description of your needs. The base price to get in the water is $200. For all after-hour dive services 6pm-6am there maybe an additional cost.

The boats can accomadate up 6 passengers per boat. Our Icy Strait Alaska Water Taxi vessels are equipped to handle kayaks and have ample room for gear. Any special requests please contact us. When ordering water taxi services, please indicate which days you need the services for. Water taxi services are charged by the hour. Upon pick-up, customers are charged for the time it takes for the captain to get to your location.

We're ready to travel to where you need us. Give us a call today!