Jet Ski


Jet Ski Assisted Tour

Especially designed for the more adventurous tourist, our Jet Ski Tour is the hottest tour excursion to hit the Icy Straits scene. Experience Alaska in total freedom as you explore the waterways all on your own. Track whales, & other wildlife or just enjoy the waves. (All tours are supervised by jet ski experts.)

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Trip Highlights

  • Two (2) hour total trip from pick up at docks to drop off.
  • Accommodations up to six (6) people. Families welcome. Group discounts!
  • We supply drysuits & all your gear. Very safe & tour is supervised.

True adventure starts here. Jet Skis are the latest addition to Hoonah, Alaska's tourism scene.

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We are proud to introduce the first ever Jet Ski (Personal Watercraft) Ocean Safari in Icy Strait, Alaska! Come put yourself in the driver’s seat! Ocean riding in beautiful water with big green forest covered mountains surrounding you. Great chance to do some whale watching close to scenic Hoonah, Alaska. Never jet skied before? We can teach you to operate a ski with confidence. To aid in that we hold a short tutorial class on operation and safety. It will also include group safety, group emergency response, and harbor regulations. Our machines are well designed for ease of operation, stable riding, and comfort. If you’re the type of person that loves adventure on the open water and wants to be in control of your own vessel, look no further. Experience Southest Alaska up close and in the water! Our completely wild, adventurous, and down-right AWESOME Jet Ski Ocean Safari Adventure Tour in Icy Strait, Alaska starts at the Icy Strait Cannery gate or right out of your place of lodging. There’s no need to worry about finding us; we’ll find you. Our friendly guide will be waiting at the gate for you and your party with a sign designating him/her as Hooked Adventures shore excursions representative.

Jet Skis are the perfect blend of adventure & fun when visiting Icy Straits. Reserve now.

Rent Jet Ski Tour Icy Straits

The main focus of this tour is 100% fun on your very own jet ski (personal watercraft) and to view wildlife, and we’re dedicated to making that happen for you! Leaving the Hoonah City Harbor, we’ll zip around the bay looking for marine wildlife of all types. In Hoonah’s waters there are humpback whales, orcas (Killer Whales), porpoise, harbor seals, sea lions and even bears! Yes, that’s right, BEARS.

Next, we’ll board our shore excursion’s van that will take you and your party to the Hooked Adventure changing area where we’ll start suiting up for the jet ski adventure! So sit back for short ride thru town and take in the local sights. From time to time, local brown bears actually swim from island to island in search of food and/or a mate.

As you take in the mountains, ocean and vistas, we’ll begin prepping you with rain gear and give you a “how-to course” on how to stay safe and operate your machinery. We cover area orientation, spacing, speed, and other points to follow. So stay safe. The basics of operation is next with loading and driving functions. We will go thru another briefing when we prepare to board our jet ski’s.

Jet Ski Tricks Tour Alaska

The Jet Ski Tour wraps up as we travel north or south along the inside of bay back towards Hoonah City Harbor, simply enjoying the waves and letting loose on the waters. If you spot some wildlife, come tell the group so that we all can enjoy it! This tour is designed to let you be in charge of where you go (regulations for safety apply.). Once we get back to the marina, share your experiences with others as we cool down. You’re then shuttled back to your ship.

Jet Ski Tour Booking Details

If you’re traveling on an Alaskan cruise ship, we’ll pick you up right at the gate entrance leading to Icy Point Cannery. It’s a short walk from the dock you will unload from. Our friendly guide will be waiting at the gate for your party with a sign designating him/her as Hooked Adventures shore excursions representative. Independent travelers should call ahead to arrange a meeting location. Space is extremely limited in the summer and advance bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Summer 2018 is approaching fast; book now to get group discounts for jet skis.

GoPros Catch Your Jet Ski Safari on Film!

Our new GoPro cameras capture your entire Whale Watching Adventure trip on camera, YOUR headcam! We’ll record most of your trip so you can enjoy the memories when you go home. Please ask us when you book this trip about how to get a copy of your wildest ride in Alaska! We will get you back to your cruise ship on time, 100% GUARANTEED. Visit our FAQ’s Page for more information about what to bring and other common questions. Our cancellation policy is 30 days or more prior to departure of cancellation for full refund.