Whale Watching


Whale Watching Tour

See Humpback whales as they make their seasonal migrations through the Alaskan Inside Passage near Glacier Bay and Point Adopholous every year, and witness Orcas (Killer Whales) in their natural habitat, where they belong. This wildlife tour will also afford you the chances to sea bears, seals, & other land and sea life.

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Trip Highlights

  • Three (3) hour total trip from pick up at docks to drop off.
  • Accommodations up to six (6) people. Families welcome. Group discounts!
  • Chances to see other wildlife: bears, seals, bald eagles, orcas & more.

Alaska teems with wildlife & our whale watching adventure gives you a chance to see it all.

Our Whale Watching Adventure Tour is our premier sightseeing excursion. We offer historical and wildlife information as we cruise near Hoonah, Alaska and  Icy Straits. Our Alaskan cruises are focused on educating the public about how this port-city was developed and the migration of spawning salmon that generates an upsurge in wildlife activity, all in search of food sources. Visit the historical Icy Strait Point Cannery, pass by current logging operations, and cruise out to Icy Strait, known for it’s humpback whales. Hoonah, Alaska lays in a vast temperate rain forest, the Tongass National Forest, is a great site to check out what exactly is a temperate rainforest. Icy Strait is a great place to see wildlife, especially humpback whales and soak up some of the age-old history of Alaska. This tour is a must for all sea mammal enthusiasts. There are few places on Earth that can boast 112 different types of mammals, thousands of species of fish, and 489 recorded species of birds! Sit back and enjoy informative narratives, a pleasant boat ride and good opportunities for wildlife sightseeing and historical Hoonah highlights all packed into one tour.

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Whale Watching

Begin your historical and wildlife Alaskan cruise directly from the main docks of the cruise ships. When you exit your ship, your boat captain will be waiting for you and your group with a clear and easy-to-read sign indicating, “Hooked Adventures”. We know when you’re arriving. Once your group is gathered and we take a count of persons, follow your guide down an easy ramp to the water’s edge. We place a big emphasis on safety and comfort. Our boats have heat, walk in heads, and other sister boats in the fleet, if needed. This Alaskan cruise for sightseeing let’s you enjoy Southeast Alaska the way it was meant to be experienced, on the ocean!

See Killer Whales in Ketchikan

From the gate of Icy Strait Cannery, journey southbound towards the Hoonah City Dock. Experience the living culture of southeast Alaska’s locals. Here you can view the working fishing boats of the community and see the community that live on their boats. The town is close knit and the ride to our boats offer good viewing of the lifestyle of living in a secluded Southeast town. Unlike other ports, you won’t be bombarded by shops and vendors on the streets. All our captains and deckhands have lived, worked, and traveled in our State of Alaska. Our historical and wildlife sightseeing cruises will answer (or try) questions about living in Alaska. Housing, economy, travel needs for island communities, and much more.

Proceeding out of the harbor, you will help the captain look for killer whales (orcas), humpback whales, harbor seals and other wildlife. During the summer large numbers of herring come into bay and travel thru Icy Strait. This in turn brings predators to feed. The yearly spawning of salmon also catapults the entire region into a feeding frenzy and brings all things into life. If the opportunity arises, our cruises will help you witness humpback whales bubble-feeding and orcas traveling in pods to teach hunting skills and feed their young. Find out more about the yearly migration of salmon and how it antagonizes other species of fish and mammals by clicking here.

Whale Watching Booking Details

If you’re traveling on an Alaskan cruise ship, we’ll pick you up right at the gate entrance leading to Icy Point Cannery. It’s a short walk from the dock you will unload from. Our friendly guide will be waiting at the gate for your party with a sign designating him/her as Hooked Adventures shore excursions representative. Independent travelers should call ahead to arrange a meeting location. Space is extremely limited in the summer and advance bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

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GoPros Catch Your Whale Adventure on Film!

Our new GoPro cameras capture your entire Whale Watching Adventure trip on camera, YOUR headcam! We’ll record most of your trip so you can enjoy the memories when you go home. Please ask us when you book this trip about how to get a copy of your wildest ride in Alaska! We will get you back to your cruise ship on time, 100% GUARANTEED. Visit our Terms & co Page for more information about what to bring and other common questions. Our cancellation policy is 30 days or more prior to departure of cancellation for full refund.